CHECK-IN on the Framework for evaluating the Effectiveness of the Convention (Article 22)

Minamata Online Virtual 10 - 10 Mar 2022

Article 22, paragraph 1 states that the Conference of the Parties shall evaluate the effectiveness of this Convention, beginning no later than six years after the date of entry into force of the Convention and periodically thereafter at intervals to be decided by it.

At COP-4.1, the Conference of the Parties agreed to holding intersessional consultations on the framework for evaluating the effectiveness of the Convention, and that the Secretariat would invite written comments on the framework in preparation for further discussions to give full effect to Article 22 at COP-4.2.

Parties have actively engaged in this process, including in the consultation session on 25 January and 27 January. The written comments and questions received on the framework and related items are available in the online workspace

With twelve days to go until the opening of COP-4.2 this is one-hour meeting is an opportunity to check-in on the overall agenda item before the COP, as well as give an update on any other information that has come forward that may be of support to Parties in their preparation to give full effect to Article 22.

10 March