Online consultation session on the framework for evaluating the effectiveness of the Convention (Article 22): Part I and II

Minamata Online Virtual 25 - 27 Ene 2022

The Secretariat will facilitate an online consultation session which takes place in two parts, namely on Tuesday, 25 January and Thursday, 27 January 2022, on the written comments received and provide the opportunity for additional comments to be made. This consultation session will also enable clarification on comments and responses, additional questions that may have arisen, and the exchange of other relevant information on the framework to evaluate the effectiveness of the Convention and give full effect to Article 22. Parties may wish to submit further and or additional comments after this session.

Following the online information session of 15 December 2021, submission of written comments were requested by 20 January 2022. The written comments received will be made available on the following online workspace:

Minamata Online