UNEP/MC/COP.3/7 - Outcome of the work of the group of technical experts on mercury waste thresholds

Note by the secretariat 1. In its decision MC-2/2, the Conference of the Parties established a group of technical experts to proceed with the discussion on mercury waste thresholds during the intersessional period leading up to the third meeting of the Conference of the Parties, as per the provisions of paragraph 2 of article 11 of the Convention. The group’s mandate was to focus its discussions on the following matters: (a) Work to further clarify and refine the coverage of each of the three categories of mercury waste listed in paragraph 2 of article 11; (b) The development of a comprehensive list of mercury waste falling under subparagraph 2 (a) of article 11, as well as an indicative list of mercury waste that might fall under subparagraphs 2 (b) and (c) of article 11; (c) The development, as a priority, of relevant approaches and methodologies for establishing thresholds for mercury waste falling under subparagraph 2 (c) of article 11 and, if possible, the recommendation of specific thresholds for this waste; the group was also to consider the relevance of thresholds for categories of waste falling under subparagraphs 2 (a) and 2 (b) of article 11; (d) Work, as a separate and differentiated matter, to identify approaches for establishing thresholds for overburden, waste rock and tailings, except from primary mercury mining, during the intersessional period.