Six language webinars on mercury-added products

Minamata Online Virtual 3 - 3 Jul 2024

Funded by the EU, this webinar series on Minamata Convention and mercury-added products is organized in six UN languages by the Secretariat of the Minamata Convention in cooperation with partners. With the financial contribution from the European Union, a capacity-building material for controlling the mercury-added products is being developed in six languages. The material will be presented at the webinar, as well as information on the recent amendment to the Convention and relevant decisions of the Conference of the Parties. The draft capacity-building material (English) is available from the following link: PDF, PPT.

Flyer, written 'Six languages webinars on mercury-added products'

Arabic, in partner with Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment ​of the Red Sea & Gulf of Aden

Wednesday 3 July: 14h-15h ; Registration link:

The capacity-building material is in the form of PowerPoint slides with read-out text. Parties and stakeholders are free to download the files and customize them, adding information on national regulations and practices as appropriate.

Recordings of the webinars could be found below: