Side event: Linkages on Chemicals and Waste Pollution and Biodiversity Loss and possible actions

Side event CR-9 - Africa, 2nd floor, UNEP Nairobi Kenya 16 - 16 May 2024

This side event focused on presenting the recent developments and outcomes under the chemicals and waste international agenda and explore ways on which this can be considered for supporting the implementation of the GBF. Moreover, it provided the opportunity to share experiences from countries and organizations on how to strengthen collaboration and coordination between the biodiversity and chemicals and waste and pollution prevention clusters, based on the collaborative efforts of UNEP and the relevant MEAs.

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Agenda and speakers

Opening Remarks: Ms. Tita Korvenoja - Chief of Environmental Governance and Conventions Branch, UNEP

MEAs and other instruments sharing experience and perspectives

o Mr. Agustín Harte – Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions Secretariat

o Ms. Manoela Pessoa De Miranda – Minamata Convention on Mercury Secretariat

o Ms. Maria Socorro Manguiat – Montreal Protocol Secretariat

o Ms. Jillian Campbell– Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat

o Ms. Maria Cristina Zucca – UNEP, Chemicals and Health Branch

o Ms. Diane Klamini – UNEP, Law Division

Questions to panellists

Country representatives sharing their needs for science-policy linkage

o Mr.BrettPainter – Information and Indicators Division, Sustainability Directorate, Strategic Policy Branch, Environment and Climate Change Canada / Government of Canada

o Ms. Itsuki Kuroda - Environmental Health Department, Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan

o Mr.JoaquinSalzberg – Argentine Permanent Mission to UN-Nairobi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Cult, Government of Argentina.

o Ms. Clarisse Kehler Siebert – Cochair of the BERN III conference, Government of Sweden.

Questions to panellists

Time and place
Takes place in
CR-9 - Africa, 2nd floor, UNEP Nairobi Kenya
Starts on 16 May 2024 1:15 PM CET
Ends on 16 May 2024 2:45 PM CET
2024-05-16T13:15:00 - 2024-05-16T14:45:00
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