Sharing on the recent COP-5 and intersessional work for COP-6: GEN Chemicals and Waste Negotiations Briefing

12 Jun 2024

The Minamata Convention is living and responding to new data, information, and stakeholder engagement.  

Marianne making a speech during the event

On 11 June, during the Chemicals and Waste Negotiations Briefing organized by the Geneva Environment Network, Marianne Bailey, Senior Coordination Officer at the Minamata Convention Secretariat provided an overview of the fifth meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP-5) and the intersessional and submissions for COP-6

Among the many COP-5 outcomes, Bailey highlighted Decision 5/1, which notes the importance of increased engagement of Indigenous Peoples as well as local communities for effective Convention implementation. The Secretariat invites Indigenous Peoples and local communities to provide views on their needs and priorities regarding the effects of mercury on their health, livelihoods, culture and knowledge with a view to future work on identifying possible solutions.  

The Secretariat also called attention to Decision 5/17, which recognizes that the Minamata Convention and the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework can be implemented in a mutually supportive manner to generate co-benefits.  

Regarding the intersessional and submissions for COP-6, Bailey highlighted the amendments adopted during COP-5, work on effectiveness evaluation, implementation support to parties, and updates on training materials, including the recent launch of Minamata Tools

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