World Wetlands Day 2023: "It’s time for wetland restoration"

02 Feb 2023

On February 2, on the occasion of the UN international day, the Minamata Convention highlights the importance of maintaining and restoring wetlands across the world to help end mercury pollution.


Executive Secretary Monika Stankiewicz stated: "Wetlands are among the most important types of ecosystems. Their functions and services are essential for human lives and biodiversity. While some of the unique characteristics of wetlands make them Nature's champion for nutrient cycling, the same characteristics, sadly, also make wetlands hotspots for the accumulation of methylmercury - the organic and most toxic form of mercury that causes serious and irreversible neurological and physiological damage to humans and wildlife."

Stakiewicz added: "This is why wetlands are of particular importance to the work of the Minamata Convention on Mercury. On this year's World Wetlands Day, I would like to renew the strong commitment of the Minamata Convention to end mercury pollution and to contribute to efforts to maintain and restore wetlands across the globe so that our future generations can enjoy and benefit from these natural wonders."

Visit the website of the World Wetlands Day to read our Executive Secretary's message and other statements about these essential ecosystems and how to help.

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