#MakeMercuryHistory Photo Contest

19 Aug 2022

Submissions closed. Photographers from all over the world were invited to participate and raise awareness of the ongoing global concern of toxic mercury (deadline: 31 December 2022).

Photo Contest 2022

The #MakeMercuryHistory Photo Contest features three categories (mercury pollution, the environment, and the people working to phase out mercury), with photographers encouraged to send one picture per category and help open the eyes of a broad public that may have not yet realized the magnitude of the problem, showing that everybody can contribute to the reduction of mercury pollution.

A jury of communication and environmental experts from leading global organizations such as UNEP, the GEF, and the Global Mercury Partnership will decide on the most relevant photos in each category.

The results will be announced on 22 April (Earth Day) 2023. There will be one winner for each of the three categories listed above and nine finalists. Exciting awards and visibility will be offered for each winner.

Check out the contest rules and how to participate in English, French and Spanish.

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