The Implementation and Compliance Committee meets for the fourth time to focus on national reporting

15 Sep 2022

The meeting of the Implementation and Compliance Committee (ICC) of the Minamata Convention on Mercury took place online on 13 and 14 September 2022.

ICC 4th meeting

At the meeting, the Committee considered for the first time the full national reports submitted by parties by 31 December 2021 for the 16 August 2017 to 31 December 2020 reporting period. Chaired by Paulina Riquelme (Chile), the ICC welcomed the impressive reporting performance (88% of parties submitted their full national reports) and considered in particular responses to questions on Article 3 (mercury supply sources and trade) and Article 11 (mercury waste).

According to article 21 of the Convention, each party shall report to the Conference of the Parties, through the Secretariat, on the measures it has taken to implement the provisions of the Convention, on the effectiveness of such measures, and on possible challenges in meeting the objective of the Convention.

The Committee requested the secretariat to seek further information from parties — in particular on informal primary mining, trade consent forms, and reported illegal trade —, and decided to come back to these issues at its next meeting, which will take place in person from 7 to 9 March 2023 in Geneva.

The Implementation and Compliance Committee was established under Article 15 of the Minamata Convention on Mercury as a subsidiary body of the Conference of the Parties. The objective of the Committee is to promote the implementation of, and review compliance with, all the provisions of the Convention.

The current members of the Implementation and Compliance Committee elected at COP-4 are:

  • Africa
    Mve Beh Jean Hervé (Gabon)
    Musa Kuzumila Ngunila (United Republic of Tanzania)
    Christopher Kanema (Zambia)
  • Asia Pacific
    Abbas Torabi (Iran (Islamic Republic of)
    Itsuki Kuroda (Japan)
    Mohammed Khashashneh (Jordan)
  • Central and Eastern Europe
    Atanas Stoyanov Dishkelov (Bulgaria)
    Dubravka Marija Kreković (Croatia)
    Jelena Kovačević (Montenegro)
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
    Paulina Riquelme (Chile)
    Jimena Nieto Carrasco (Colombia)
    Meredith Henry-Cumberbatch (Suriname)
  • Western European and Others Group
    Helga Schrott (Austria)
    Anik Beaudoin (Canada)
    Karoliina Anttonen (Finland)

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