GEF High-Level Panel Discussion: Integration to end the use and emissions of mercury

22 Mar 2022

This panel discussion, organized by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), took place as a lunch time event during the second day of the resumed Minamata COP-4 (13h15-14h45 local time UTC+8). It explored integration to address mercury in multiple sectors, how the Convention's implementation promotes integration, and how we can build projects and programs at the national level to integrate more fully.


Moderated by Chizuru Aoki (Lead Environmental Specialist at GEF), the discussion featured remarks by Carlos Manuel Rodriguez (CEO and chairperson of GEF), Carlos Martin-Novella, (Deputy Executive Secretary of BRS), Monika Stankiewicz (Executive Secretary of the Minamata Convention) and Rosa Vivien Ratnawati (President of COP-4), among others.

Rodriguez stated in his remarks at Minamata COP-4.2 that "the chemicals and waste needs have been highlighted by many countries during the replenishment discussions as a particularly important area of our work that will require increased resources in GEF-8".

He added that "a successful GEF-8 replenishment will allow us to achieve the high ambition that we have proposed. We believe that we have designed a strategy that will address the needs of the countries and the obligations of the Conventions in an integrated way. Collectively, these will propels us forward towards our shared goals to end pollution and make mercury history".

Stankiewicz highlighted that "a key role that the GEF can play is to emphasize the need for integrated implementation across MEAs, in particular the biodiversity and chemicals clusters, with a view to ensuring coherent policy development. One key aspect towards this goal is to mainstream mercury control measures across key sectors".

She concluded that "the GEF has already advanced our convention’s implementation greatly through programming in our early years, such as planetGOLD, and we are really optimistic about GEF-8 and how it can be truly transformational".

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