UNEP/MC/COP.3/19 - Report on the main activities of the secretariat in the intersessional period

Note by the secretariat I. Introduction 1. The present report summarizes the major activities undertaken by the secretariat of the Minamata Convention on Mercury during the intersessional period since the second meeting of the Conference of the Parties, held in Geneva in November 2018. The report provides an update on work undertaken by the secretariat in relation to conferences and meetings and on the successful efforts to implement the secretariat’s programme of work. It also gives an overview of preparations for the third meeting of the Conference of the Parties, support provided to the Bureau and the Implementation and Compliance Committee (a subsidiary body of the Conference of the Parties), intersessional work on technical matters decided upon by the Conference of the Parties at its second meeting, support for the implementation of the Convention, and various other activities.